Commercial Appliances

Commercial Appliances

We are very proud to be partners of Richard Ray we deliver the best service for commercial appliances in Perth.

Industries we serve

Bars, Restaurants, Cafes

We understand that the hospitality industry is an ultra-competitive space where hygiene and appearances are a priority.

Aged Care

Works with aged care facilities across Australia to deliver trusted laundry and dishwashing solutions that exceed Australian hygiene standards.

Commercial Laundries

Upgrade your laundry equipment or start fresh and save with state-of-the-art solutions.


We provide superior laundry solutions for childcare centres, boarding schools, universities and other student accommodation.


Equip your laundry business for success with world-leading laundry solutions and support.


Equip community laundries and supply dishwashing machines for government departments and community organizations.


Equip hospitals, medical clinics, veterinary surgeries and research facilities with advanced commercial laundry and dishwashing solutions


We know every accommodation provider requires a constant supply of clean sheets, fresh towels and clean dishes run their business effectively.

Mining & Transport

Providing laundry, dishwashing and chemical dispensing solutions across Australia.