Ozi Appliance Centre is definitely your favorite local company if you’re trying to find a reliable and proficient microwave repair company in Perth. Don’t try to repair your microwave yourself as it’s unsafe for an unskilled worker. Energy efficient microwaves emit radio waves, therefore, should not be used without proper knowledge. It is recommended that microwave repair should only be left for our professional and skilled technicians who have years of experience in repairing microwaves successfully.

In case you experience something unusual in your microwave or require any microwave repair services or suppose the juice of its counter-top suddenly ran out, don’t try to disassemble it yourself as you can experience a heavy electric shock. Microwave use microwave-frequency sound in order to heat your food items and drinks instead of using electricity or gas for this purposes but this process can exhibit problems such as:

  • Only making noise without heating the item
  • You witness lightning within the microwave oven
  • Your microwave is not responding
  • Flickered display
  • No heat yet it’s running
  • You are unable to adjust its power level
  • Its door is uneven or broken
  • No light
  • Difficulty in cooking

Microwave Repair professionals

Ozi Appliance Centre professional technicians are always here to take care of these troubles and to provide microwave repair service within no time. No matter the issue is regarding complex thermal fuse or circuit board replacement, we have our skilled technicians to maintain and repair your microwave.

Important Guidelines

Don’t ever try to operate your microwave oven if it’s empty. As microwaves use high frequency microwave sound energy to heat the food items and if it’s empty, it will still be putting high frequency microwave sound energy on the plate inside, which can damage its internal antenna on permanent basis. Always put some food or drink inside it before using it.


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