Common Issues with Miele Washing Machines and How to Fix Them

Common Issues with Miele Washing Machines and How to Fix Them

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Machine Not Starting

One common issue with Miele washing machines is that they may fail to start. This can be due to numerous reasons ranging from a tripped circuit breaker to a malfunctioning door latch. To resolve this, ensure the power source is active and check the door to make sure it is properly closed and latched.

Drainage Issues

Drainage problems are often caused by clogs in the filter or drain hose. Regular maintenance includes checking and cleaning the filter and ensuring the drain hose is not bent or obstructed. If the issue persists, professional help may be required to clear deep blockages.

Spinning Problems

If your Miele washing machine is not spinning, it might be overloaded or unevenly loaded. Try redistributing the laundry and attempt another spin cycle. Also, check for small items that may be caught between the drum and the washing machine housing.

Understanding Error Codes

Miele washing machines come with a comprehensive set of error codes that help diagnose specific issues. Refer to your user manual for a detailed explanation of each code. Common codes include waterproof faults and lock errors, which often require resetting the machine or checking for leaks.


What should I do if my Miele washer displays a waterproof fault?

This usually indicates that the machine has detected an issue with water protection. Turn off the water supply and check for any leaks before contacting a technician.

How often should I clean the drain filter?

To ensure optimal performance, clean the drain filter every couple of months or more frequently if you notice drainage issues.

Where can I find the manual for my Miele washing machine?

Miele provides digital copies of their manuals on their official website. These can be downloaded by entering the model number of your appliance.

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