Top 5 Miele Dishwasher Problems and Solutions

Table of Contents

Problem 1: Dishwasher Not Starting

This common issue can be related to power supply problems, faulty door latches, or control panel issues.


Check the power source and ensure the dishwasher is plugged in correctly. Inspect the door latch for damage, and consider resetting the control panel by turning off the power for a minute and then turning it back on.

Problem 2: Dishes Not Properly Cleaned

Leftover food particles or spots can mar the performance of your Miele dishwasher.


Ensure the dishwasher is not overloaded. Check and clean the spray arm and filter regularly. Use high-quality detergent and rinse aid for better results.

Problem 3: Dishwasher Makes Noise

Grinding, banging, or buzzing sounds can be alarming and signal a problem with the washer’s inner mechanism.


First, check for any loose utensils or dishes that may be causing the noise. If the sound persists, it might be a motor or pump issue which needs professional assessment.

Problem 4: Dishwasher Leaking

Leaks are often caused by door seal damage or a clogged drain hose.


Inspect the door seals for any signs of wear and replace if necessary. Check the drain hose and remove any blockages.

Problem 5: Error Messages

Error codes can appear due to various malfunctions within the dishwasher.


Refer to your Miele dishwasher’s manual for specific error codes and troubleshooting steps. Resetting the dishwasher often helps clear temporary issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I clean the filter in my Miele dishwasher?

It’s recommended to clean the filter at least once a month to ensure optimal performance.

What should I do if my dishwasher stops mid-cycle?

Check for error codes which can indicate specific issues. If there are no codes, try resetting the dishwasher.

Is it necessary to use rinse aid in my Miele dishwasher?

Yes, using rinse aid not only helps in drying dishes effectively but also reduces water spots and film.

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