Microwave Repair in Perth

Microwave Repair in Perth

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Microwave Repair in Perth

Here at Ozi Appliance Centre we have been providing microwave repairs and services in Perth for over 5 years. We have a team of certified professionals, knowledgeable in all major brands. Our factory certified technicians will make repairing your faulty microwave quick and easy so you can get it back to use in no time.

In case you experience something unusual in your microwave or require any microwave repair services or suppose the juice of its If you are experiencing any issues with your microwave, please DON’T try to disassemble it yourself as there is a risk of receiving a heavy electric shock.

Types of microwave repairs we undertake

  • Not heating
  • Door seems uneven or broken
  • Electrical surges/issues
  • No light
  • Your microwave is not responding
  • Display issues

  • Power control issues

Need Microwave Repair in Perth? Contact us for fast, expert service. We’ll fix your microwave efficiently!

Whatever the issue – we are here to help! We stay up-to-date with the latest industry information and training to ensure our home repair services are fast, efficient, and meet industry standards.

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